Understanding and Awareness


My name is Dameion Royes,

Everyone who knows me well can remember when I used to sport long locs of hair as my preferred style.

In 2012 I was in Woodbridge, ON and I drove into a Canadian Tire parking lot to buy supplies for my store.  When I exited my car an elderly gentleman called to me, “excuse me, excuse me” like he needed help, so I turned to assist him and he looked me dead in the eyes and asked, “What kind of dandruff does a nigger have?”

I was shaken and clearly taken aback, then I found myself fill with anger and I said “WHAT?”

He smiled and repeated “what type of dandruff does a NIGGER have?”

At that point, I was furious and said to him, “you asshole!” He could visibly see that I was disturbed; and at that point he laughed out loud with a sinister laugh and walked away laughing even LOUDER and everyone turned to look at us in the parking lot like I was bothering him…. SMH.