Understanding and Awareness

Adolph / Product of a Loving Home from the Caribbean

Early in my life my parents migrated to another country leaving me behind with relatives.  I grew up with one set of family but at age 14 I came to join my original family. Everything changed for me.  This transition was difficult and in fact was instrumental in defining what I would became later in life.  I struggled with relationships, academics, family etc. in the early part of my time in Canada. My spiritual grounding was very instrumental in maintaining me during this time and through my entire life.  I left home at age 17 to attend a private school.  At this school I grew academically as well as socially and came to understand who I was.  This early struggle prepared me for the struggles that would come later in life.  Family relationships were repaired, social nuances were learned and understood.  Eventually I became a Social worker and had the privilege to work with some brilliant and gifted individuals.  The group “Shoot with this” a film-mentoring group is one of the most fulfilling things that I have been involved with over the years. This is a snippet of who I am and the environment that I am a product of.  

Adolph Williams