Understanding and Awareness
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Ocean / Product of Resilience

When I immigrated from Jamaica in 1994 I felt like I was between two worlds. No longer Jamaican but not really a Canadian either. What made it worse was that there was violence in my home. As a little girl I saw my father abusing my mother, as a little girl I knew that my father was dealing drugs, as a little girl I watched my mother come close to the point of suicide. All this coupled with the experiences of homelessness and then identity crisis make me feel like there would be no way out. But I found a way out. Despite what you seek today I can probably say that my life experience hasn’t been easy, but it taught me how to be resilient. It taught me how to empathize with others, it taught me how to evoke positive energy into everything I do. Today I’m a nurse and my experiences have taught me how to be there for others when it matters most. I AM a product of resilience. 

Ocean Grange