Understanding and Awareness

Tyler / Product of Evolution

When people look at me they see a delinquent skater boy, wild and conceited.  Every skateboarders dream is to go pro - even mine at one point.  I have always had an interest in film making since I was a little kid, I started making skate videos at my local park, and thought to myself if I can’t go pro I can film pros. One of my guidance counsellor from school saw me skipping class with my camera at the skate park making videos and the next day she pulled me out of class and put me into the TV broadcasting class that I didn’t know my school had, and to me it turned out to be a blessing it kept me in school and attending regularly. Now my interest has grown beyond filming “the pros”, and creating stories of all kinds now infatuates me. I guess I could say I’m a product of evolution, evolving from a Weston road hood rat to the aspiring filmmaker I am today. 

Tyler Winrow