Understanding and Awareness

Reginald / Product of Jane & Trehewey

I grew up in this neighbourhood where at first, people used to fight, steal and always get the police involved. A lot of things weren’t okay when I was little. Although, I lived a block away from Trethewey, I was always part of the events that occurs at Trethewey Drive such as the after school homework club, the BBQ’s, and Trethewey Fest. I used to go to Brookhaven Public School, which is close to Trethewey. My neighbourhood also has a community centre, which is called the Jane Street Hub, which used to be the Food Basics Grocery store. Being a part of Jane and Trethewey made me feel strong and safe. Since I am a teenager now, I finally realized how great this neighbourhood is and I know when I leave my neighbourhood; I have faith that this neighbourhood will grow stronger in the future.

Reginald Ofori