Understanding and Awareness

Richard / Product of Storytelling

Growing up, I never knew what I wanted to be. I used to hope and pray that one day, I would wake up with some sort of power and become a full-time super hero. That way, I wouldn't need to stress about a career. This procrastination eventually had to end when high school came around. I remember near the end of middle school, I was presented with a course selection sheet. I was daunted and overwhelmed by the task of selecting high school courses, as I know that depending on what I select, will shape what I will become. I was nervously browsing through the list until I came across a film course. This reminded me of the impact and inspiration that movies had on me growing up. I was always fixed on changing the world one day and so I thought to myself, what better way to do it than through film? So I gathered my thoughts and decided to become a filmmaker. From then on, I began my journey with my storytelling super power.

Richard La