Understanding and Awareness
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A Gratifying Outlook

For most of my life, I thought beauty is something that you see, something physical, something that other people approve and express when they like what they see. I learned that to truly feel beautiful, there was something more to it. The notion that one has to be comfortable in their own skin is very true, and to have people and environment surrounding us, that foster and nourish that state, is as important. There isn’t one definition of beauty, it can signify so much. It is up to us to see it within us, in other people and things around us, not just with our eyes but with our brain, mind and spirit. One magical thing that happens following the discovery and realization that everything that surrounds us is beautiful and unique, is that it grows and illuminates to other parts of your life. It reciprocates back with the same energy that we give out. Beauty for me is just being content and grateful for that very moment in your life you’re in right now and looking forward to the further discovery of the world and yourself.

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