Understanding and Awareness
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Diversity + Beauty + Women

Acceptance has always been a struggle to me. I could never get myself to be like other people. I was never a follower ever since I was young. Everyone would go down their paths but I was always the one to find a different way. I didn’t really fit in. As I grew older, I explored skills to find out what I liked. I did a lot of soul searching till I came to a conclusion.  

My beauty is rare, my beauty is different. I’ve been called exotic but I know I look different. I love my features, my growth and my pain. I grow each day but don’t look for fame. My idea of beauty would be what I see in the mirror, it’s what I love about myself but my hair and smile are just features. My soul and heart beam radiance that give off the most beautiful presents. Beauty doesn’t have to be visual, society seems to be lost when it comes to this concept. Beauty can be words, talents and actions.

(Additional) - Through struggle and pain I’m still the same. Like a rose I evolve and stand strong alone. What I really see in the mirror is a kind, loving and ambitious person. Experiences build character.

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