Understanding and Awareness
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Beauty is doing you. 

I love to do my makeup. I started to make mini videos to show others how easy it is. Fashion is the way I've always expressed myself. I dress boldly, I love colours and prints.  I don't care what others think! Society tries to tell us what we should dress and look like, but regardless of that, be you.

Beauty is feeling good.

Music makes me feel good. I have always loved music and dancing. Right now I’m in love with K-pop because it's all about being yourself, having emotions and spreading love. When I feel low, I play my favorite album and dance until my heart is smiling again.

Beauty is pride. 

Pride is about being fearless and loving yourself. Standing up for what you believe in, being who you are, LOVING who you want to be. Pride teaches us that love has no boundaries and no border, no limits and to be able to love this way is beautiful.

Beauty is freedom.

I do what I love. I don't care about what other people think. I am an artist. My art lets me express myself, share my highs and lows. It gives me the freedom to share my message of being kind and caring. 

Beauty is within. Your actions and thoughts define true beauty. It's beyond skin deep.

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