Understanding and Awareness


Beauty To Me.

 When I was younger I used to think my beauty was measured by the neatness of my hair, the colour of my eyes, the colour of my nails, having the least amount of noticed pores on my face, and my hip to bust ratio.

I was taught, that my beauty was measured by the amount of melanin in my skin, the elasticity and length of my curls, my height in heels. The amount of jewelry I wore, the quality of my clothing. The amount of curse words I used, the way I crossed my legs when I sat. My legs in a skirt, and of course my hip to bust ratio.

Today I know beauty is immeasurable, and beauty is as simple as a genuine smile, or the glisten of eyes caught in the sunlight. The crazed eyes caused from passion and the feeling I evoke in the people around me.


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