Understanding and Awareness
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“True Beauty” 

I don’t think anyone truly knows what it means, years from now it could be a completely different definition than what it is now in the dictionary. 

I think True Beauty is Evil. It makes us see the ugly side of us that wasn’t even there.

True Beauty is 3am all by yourself with no one but the reflection of yourself, the one who has seen it all, heard it all, even hurt yourself just a little to take away from not being the True Beauty everyone thinks you are not.

True Beauty is Anger, True Beauty is Fear. Fear and anger of not being good enough, like the picture perfect lives of everyone we see.

True beauty is Small, True Beauty is Tall.

True Beauty is Fat, True Beauty is Skinny.

True Beauty is Black, True Beauty is White. 

True Beauty is Ugly.

We are trying to become this word when we are so much more, don't let a meaning of a word let you down or define who you are.

TRUE BEAUTY is all the things people think it is not. TRUE BEAUTY is US.

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